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Everything You Need to Learn About Aviation Insurance

Nothing compares to the feeling of flight. The thrill, tranquillity and strength of being in the air will overwhelm you the first time you take off in your very own aircraft. Securing aviation and aircraft insurance is a crucial step that many new pilots and plane owners miss in their excitement to take to the air. Aviation insurance is still required for aircraft owners, even though it is not required for anything other than charter and passenger transportation.

According to the aviation insurance brokers in Darwin, owners of aircraft, pilots, and anyone else involved in the aviation business run the risk of facing serious liability in the event of even a small mishap. If they do not have the proper aviation insurance.

Who requires insurance for aircraft?

There are various kinds of insurance coverage for aircraft and aviation. Remarkably, owners of aircraft are not the only people covered by aviation insurance. Aviation insurance may be required if you:

  • Possess an aeroplane
  • Run an airline or charter service
  • Fly either a commercial or recreational aircraft, including gliders and crop planes.
  • Run a hangar
  • Take care of luggage or ground services
  • Refuel aeroplanes
  • Use drones for commercial purposes.

This is so because insurance for aviation and aircraft covers more than just the actual aircraft. In addition, hangars, third parties, freight, and passengers are all covered.

What is covered by aviation insurance?

Depending on your position within the industry, there are numerous types of aviation insurance in Darwin available. To help you understand your insurance needs, let’s break down the most popular kinds.

What kind of aviation insurance policy?

Aircraft Aerial Application Liability: This insurance covers property damage and bodily injury claims related to chemical drifts and is ideal for pilots involved in aerial agriculture.

  • Property damage and injury claims resulting from chemical drift
  • Making use of the wrong substances
  • Related fields
  • The chemicals that are covered vary based on how you operate.

Insurance against non-ownership of aircraft for commercial pilots, companies, test pilots, students, and other non-owners operating aircraft. This kind of insurance can be either personal or business.

  • Claims for passenger injuries
  • Injuries sustained during training or test flights
  • Property damage to third parties
  • Legal fees associated with an incident involving a non-owned aircraft
  • Costs of care and recuperation

Aviation insurance brokers near Darwin share that insurance for owners and operators of remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs) covers damage and injury liability.

  • Drone-related physical harm
  • Claims for injuries following a drone mishap
  • Sensors and cameras connected to the RPA
  • Ground apparatus
  • Claims of invasion of privacy
  • Loss resulting from a malfunctioning device or an accessory

Particularised Insurance Coverage: Protection for refuellers, ground handlers, and any other business operating in or near airports and runways is provided by certain customised RPA policies. It also covers ground crew and non-pilots.

  • Claims for injuries to third parties
  • Property damage to third parties
  • Legal fees
  • Medical costs

As you can see, aviation insurance is a speciality. Get in touch with Star Insurance Solutions for an affordable quote and assistance in navigating the complex world of aviation and aircraft insurance. Our professionals will work with you to identify your unique insurance needs before customising a plan.

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