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Star Insurance Solutions is next to none as a general aviation insurance provider in Darwin. We are home to some of the best aviation insurance experts, who are capable of handling a wide range of aspects related to aviation, from airside refuelling to the crop dusters, from the trainee and experimental aircrafts to the hangar managers and caretakers.

Our clientele for aircraft insurance is very diverse. It also ranges from large Corporate Charter operators to single aircraft individual owners and Aerial AG customers. Our aviation Insurance brokers in Darwin are also capable of handling industry-related hazards including flying training, engineers, refuelling, pushback of aircraft, and cleaning. The fact that we have been actively involved in the sector for as long as pilots, LAME or licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, aircraft owners, and operators is crucial. That is because it guarantees unmatched professional experience because they are knowledgeable and experienced in the field they love.

What does our aviation insurance liability cover?

At Star Insurance Solutions, our aviation liability insurance in Darwin will cover:
Besides, we also cover:
Third Party Public Liability

Some pertinent questions in regards to aviation insurance in Darwin

How much aviation insurance coverage in Darwin should I get for my aircraft?
Well, the aviation insurance coverage in Darwin you receive depends on the type of aircraft you have and the purpose you use it for.
What limit of liability should I opt for?
That should depend on a few factors. They include the number of seats for passengers, the bank requirements, the location of the aircraft’s operation, and the policy uses (such as the Civil Aviation Carriers Liability Act’s charter and minimum standards).

In Australia, there is no minimum liability requirement for aircraft used for non-charter or non-RPT operations. When flying the aeroplane, it is advisable to take into account the aforementioned factors and your exposure, which you may talk about with your broker.
What differentiates a Combined Single Limit (CSL) Liability from the Third Party Liability (TPL)?
If you are found accountable for any property damage (i.e., anything outside of the aircraft) or bodily harm to third persons, you are covered by third party liability. In the case of an accident for which you are found to be at fault, passenger liability insurance protects you against harm and/or death to passengers and their belongings. A combined single liability limit protects passengers and third parties against any accident or incident, up to the maximum amount stated in your insurance.

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