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Helicopter Insurance

Helicopters are one of the most versatile types of aircraft. They have a wide range of applications, each with its own set of unique risks.

We can advise on the best solutions for your helicopter insurance – whether your aircraft is flown privately or commercially, don’t leave your helicopter uninsured or underinsured. Our years of experience in the industry allow you to travel worry-free, knowing that you’re insured with the best coverage available and with leading customer service when you need it.

Your helicopter’s policy will cover the hull value of your aircraft on the agreed-upon value. This means that you’ll get up to that amount if anything were to happen to the hull of your helicopter, allowing you to fly more comfortably and store your aircraft without a worry.

At Star, we can arrange cover for:

  • loss or damage to your aircraft.
  • liability insurance for third party bodily injury and property damage
  • bodily injury to passengers
  • loss of or damage to baggage and personal belongings of passengers
  • cargo & mail liability